What is insurance?

When faced with an unexpected accident, you feel a need of security that won't instigate you to beg for money at the eleventh hour. Any kind of protection or a safety net is welcomed rather than having nothing.

Insurance, in the simplest terms, means you pay a lump sum to get a leverage or protection against an incident of a large magnitude. So, when the unexpected misfortune is encountered, the insurance company can step in, helping you out to sail through the dirt.

Insurance comes in many forms and types. You can have liability, life, health, auto or property insurance and much more. This protection is for other people- people dependent upon you for one thing or another. Property insurance is your protection procurement against any damage to your home items like unexpected loss under floods, fire attack or other natural freaks. All professional persons like doctors, lawyers, get insured for their specific profession under professional liability insurance.

kinds of Insurance

In general, there are 3 major types of insurance - life insurance, Health insurance and general insurance. However, some other types of insurance are available as well. In India life insurance is the most availed form along with health and accident based plans.

Life insurance

A life insurance policy pays out an agreed amount known as the sum assured under certain circumstances. This will be paid to you if you are permanently disabled or critically ill, if your policy provides for this, or paid to your estate if you are no longer around. This money is intended to help you meet your financial needs and / or those of your dependants if these events happen. Life insurance provides financial protection or coverage against these risks.

The life insurance policy contract is between you and a life insurance company. In return for this protection or coverage, you pay a premium for an agreed period of time, depending on the type of policy you purchase. There are two basic types of Life Insurance plans -

  • Pure Protection
  • Protection and Savings

What is Pure Protection Plan?

A Pure Protection plan is designed to secure your family's future by providing a lump sum amount, in your absence.

What is Protection and Savings Plan?

A Protection and Savings plan is a financial tool that helps you plan for your long-term goals like purchasing a home, funding your children's education, and more, while offering the benefits of a Life Cover.

Individual Health Plan

  • Automatic restoration of health cover
  • No cap on room rent and treatment cost.
  • Hospital cash
  • Cover for over 400 day care procedures
  • Free health check-up
  • Upto 100% Increase in Sum Insured upon a claim free renewal

Family Health Plan

  • Automatic restoration of health cover
  • Auto cover for new-born baby
  • Expenses for organ transplantation covered
  • Cover for over 400 day care procedures
  • Health Check up
  • Upto 100% Increase in Sum Insured upon a claim free renewal

Accident Care Individual Insurance Policy

  • Cover for Accident death, Premanent Disability and temporary Disablement.
  • Compensation for Permanent Total Disablement is 150% of the sum insured.
  • Enhanced weekly compensation up to Rs.15000/- per week (maximum 100 weeks).
  • Educational Grant for dependent children
  • Cumulative bonus 5% per annum maximum 50%

Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

  • Emergency medical expenses including medical evacuation and transportation....
  • Dental emergency expenses following an accident.
  • Cover for Loss of checked in baggage, Delay of checked in baggage,...
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Cover for Legal Liability for bodily injury or property...

Senior Citizen Health Plan

  • No pre-insurance medical test required
  • Guaranteed renewals beyond second year
  • Covers pre-existing diseases from the 1st year

Coming Soon

General Insurance

General insurance gives you some financial coverage against a range of events or loss which could be suffered, for example

  • loss of your belongings
  • damage to car
  • damage to house

If the event happens, your insurance company will pay you an agreed amount, or an amount to cover some or all of the loss.

Motor Insurance

Our motor insurance policy is the most important document for your vehicle because it protects you against financial loss and legal issues. Millions of vehicle owners across India trust us to insure their vehicle since we provide package policies that would protect them against physical damage, bodily injury / death and cover against third-party liability, bringing them security and peace of mind. All this is backed by our advanced claims servicing capability and fast settlement record for vehicles insured with us. Motor insurance sustains your freedom by compensating your major claims which can otherwise be very expensive.

Health Insurance

With Health Insurance by your side, you can get access to the best medical care and treatment while being financially protected. In case of a medical emergency, a health insurance policy guarantees peace of mind and ensures that you and your family will receive the best treatment at a hospital of your choice.

Raksha Realty offers a range of affordable health insurance plans. Our health plans are custom made to protect you against the rising healthcare costs. We have the highest claim settlement ratio among private insurers.

Travel Insurance

Travelling can be a beautiful experience. But it also brings with it the risk of things going wrong despite careful planning. Although you may not be able to control external factors that might cause disruptions in your travel plans, you can definitely choose to opt for travel insurance from Raksha Realty to help you face any financial setbacks that might occur. This way you can travel overseas with your loved ones keeping all your worries aside.

Catering to people from all walks of life, we have three different plans - Travel Companion, Travel Elite and Student Travel. Choose a basic plan or go for extended covers as per your requirement.

Home Insurance

Your home is your most valuable possession and you do everything to protect it. Go a step further and give your home the best possible protection from unforeseen events with our My Home Insurance plan.

At Raksha Realty, we understand that whatever be the market value of your house, it is invaluable. That's why we bring you a comprehensive home insurance cover - My Home Insurance All Risk Policy which will protect not only your home, but also the belongings inside it, against risks like fire, burglary and natural calamities.